Training Courses - Moldex3D R17 Studio (Free for 2019)

At s4innovation, an expert certified Moldex3D training center, we provide essential knowledge and skills to help you fully leverage on the advantage of comprehensive injection moulding simulation solutions. We also offer versatile learning solutions, ranging from scheduled classroom training, on-demand and bespoke training delivering innovation and knowledge that can ensure your success with plastic injection moulding.

During the training candidates will learn features, workflow optimisation and functionality for both eDesign and BLM.


Benefits of Training:

  • Understanding the basics of the injection molding processes and mold design.
  • Understanding the capability of Moldex3D R17 Studio.
  • The ability to independently set up the analysis workflow & enable multiple simulation runs.
  • Use results interpretation to recognise potential issues and create design, process, and mold solutions.


Who Should Register?

  • New users of Moldex3D
  • Existing users of Moldex3D Designer, Project and Studio.
  • Cadidates looking for a bespoke training solution.

Register Here:

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Course Duration:

  • 1-2 Days (Dependant on schdule)

Course Fee:

  • Free for 2019!

Registration or Further Information:

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